Facility Management Glossary

With more than 250 entries, the Dussmann Service Facility Management Glossary offers information on a wide range of topics involved in the use, management and control of real estate. You will find many different terms from alkaline cleaner to workflow management. You can look up how osmotic cleaning works or learn something new about facade cleaning, pest control and technical services. Discover what the acronym IFMA stands for and what the most important aspects of Vitalance are.

The Facility Management lexicon was prepared by qualified experts with long years of experience in Facility Management. Dussmann Service online editors regularly update, check and amend every individual entry.


:: alarm response center

A security service: a secure area, manned continuously, where security and technical alarms are monitored  :: more

:: clean room

A room in which the concentration of airborne particulates generated by people, processes and equipment is controlled to specified limits.  :: more

wet mopping

Removal of water-soluble stains and soiling from hard floors. A one-step process involves applying the cleaning solution with a mop or cloth and leaving to dry.  more